Buying Cranberries 

character_buyingIn Australia you can buy a variety of cranberry products all year round in major supermarkets, including dried and frozen cranberries, cranberry juice, and cranberry sauce. Frozen cranberries can be found in selected retailers, particularly during the festive season.

Fresh cranberries are not available in Australia as cranberries cannot be grown here at present (please refer to The Story). However, you can either thaw frozen cranberries, or reconstitute dried cranberries to get cranberries in their whole form as required in certain recipes.

To reconstitute dried cranberries, simply soak the berries in water, cranberry or apple juice for a few hours prior to use. 50g of dried cranberries can be substituted for 100g of frozen cranberries.

Check out the different forms of cranberries and how you can use them below.

Cranberries - types & how to use them

Frozen Cranberries

Frozen cranberries retain the quality of fresh cranberries and can be used year round to include in cooked dishes and home made cranberry sauce.

Use for: Baking, relishes, sauces, fruit compotes, desserts. See Recipes

Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is more than just a Christmas condiment - its vibrant colour and rich texture makes it a great complement to a variety of dishes. Cranberry sauce can also be used to add a tart and tangy flavour to dressings or sauces as well as replace fresh or frozen cranberries in recipes.

Use for: Desserts, side dishes, dressings, or a sandwich condiment. See Recipes

Dried Cranberries

Dried cranberries offer a unique alternative to raisins and sultanas. They are great as a snack between meals, added to a trail mix, in muesli or yoghurts. Many recipes calling for other berries or dried fruit can be substituted with dried cranberries. Dried cranberries can also be reconstituted by soaking in water or cranberry juice, and used in place of frozen cranberries where required.

Use for: Baking, salads, main dishes, desserts. See Recipes.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice tastes deliciously fruity with a light, tart flavour, making it ideal for any beverage need, either on its own as a juice drink or mixed with mineral water, other juices or alcoholic drinks. Most of the cranberries harvested each year are processed into juice, juice blends or juice concentrate. Due to its tart flavour, manufacturers generally combine cranberry juice with other products to form a tangy, sweet beverage.

Use for: Refreshing daily drink on its own, cocktails, spritzers, smoothies, sauces, baking. See Recipes.

Cranberry Powder

Cranberry powder comes in the form of cranberry capsules and tablets found in health food stores and pharmacies. They are a convenient way for people to get their daily intake of cranberries and help keep their bladder and urinary tract healthy.

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